8 Important Things You Must Include In Your Letter of Resignation

January 14, 2019 0 Comment

A letter of resignation should cover the following:

i. Inform the departmental head/HR manager that you have decided to resign and would be putting in your papers.

ii. As far as possible, indicate the reason for tendering your resignation.

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iii. Mention the date on which you wish to be relieved.

iv. Refer to the completion of the notice period or waiver, if required.

v. Mention the status of work pending, where relevant.

vi. Create goodwill by mentioning how you enjoyed working with the employer.

vii. Even if you are quitting because of not-so-happy working conditions, refrain from making nasty or unpalatable remarks.

viii. Remember that although you are ceasing to be an employee, you need not sever the relationship.

Make sure that your letter of resignation is sent promptly and is addressed to the right authority in the organization.


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