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Top 2 Types of Employment Found In India

0 Comments February 2, 2019

The nature of unemployment differs according to the level of economic development in a country. India is an underdeveloped economy. The following types of unemployment exist in India: 1. Rural Unemployment: India is essentially a rural economy. According to 2001 Census, 72.2 per cent people live in villages. Agriculture is their principal means of livelihood. […]

7 Strategic Stages Proposed by Economic Planners to Eliminate Poverty


First: The income generation orientation of poverty alleviation programmes does not recognise the importance of increased flow of social inputs through family welfare, nutrition, social security and minimum needs programmes in alleviating conditions of poverty on a long-term basis. Second: The programmes have done little for disabled, sick and socially handicapped individuals who cannot participate […]

Top 8 Types of Transportation Systems Easily Available In India


2. Railways Indian Railways with 64,015 km route (in March 2009) is the second largest network in the world and biggest in Asia. It operates on three gauges—the broad gauge (1.676 mm), the metre gauge (1 mm), and the narrow gauge (762 mm and 610 mm). The broad gauge accounts for about 52, 808km of […]

5 Determining Factors towards the Determination of Occupational Structure in India


After various sources of energy were discovered and rapid improvements were made in the capital equipment used in industries, the importance of factors like the fertility of soil, climate and availability of minerals declined in determining the occupations of the people. In India, they are still important and people have to choose occupations within the […]

4 Adverse Effects of Overpopulation in India

0 Comments February 1, 2019

1. Presence of Natural Checks: According to Mallhus, high birth and death rates arc symptoms of overpopulation. In his opinion, if a country is overpopulated, early deaths due to starvation, disease or some other natural calamities are inevitable. Amartya Sen has asserted in one of his studies that since independence, India, due to its democratic […]

4 Significant Changes made in the Economic Structure of India Since Independence


Change in composition of domestic product or change in national income by industry of origin refers to change in relative significance (share) of different sectors of the economy. Generally, an economy is divided into three major sectors viz. primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Primary sector includes agricultural and allied activities, secondary sector includes manufacturing industries […]

Two Main Types of Economic Growth in India


The real national income of India has increased at an annual average rate of 4.5 per cent. The rate of growth initially decelerated over the years but has subsequently accelerated continuously. During the first decade, real income went up by 3.8 per cent, this rate came down to 3.5 per cent in the 1960s, 3.1 […]

10 Features of an Economy of Developing Country


In India GNP (Gross National Product) per capita was $1,180 in 2009 at current prices, roughly one third of the population is below the poverty line. On world scale, income inequalities between the developed and underdeveloped countries arc very large. According to the World Hank estimates, in 2009 the average GNP per capita of the […]

Essay on Tourism Trends Around the World


Tourism is the industry of industries and has a great multiplier effect on other industries. Tourism serves as an effective medium for transfer or distribution of wealth because here income earned in places of “residence” is spent in places “visited”. WTO forecasts that international arrivals in the year 2010 will top on billion and that […]

Essay on Space-Odyssey as the Future in Travel and Tourism


Moon visitors will have an opportunity to view space manufacturing of many products made advantageously in zero gravity and will learn about scientific experiments taking place on the moon. During their visit to the moon, tourists will be provided space suits or walks on the surface, so that everyone can enjoy the exhilaration of low-gravity […]


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