Difference between the Theories of “Nietzsche” and “Darwin” – Answered!

December 28, 2018 0 Comment

The explanations of evolution offered by Darwin and Nietzsche differ. Darwin takes every novel step in evolution to be an improvement upon the previous one and according to Nietzsche it is not essential that the one at the end must be the best.

(3) Difference the nature of evolution:

Nietzsche and Darwin also disagree as to the nature of evolution. In Darwin’s opinion, evolution is linear while in Nietzsche’s it is circular.

(4) Difference in viewpoint:

Nietzsche and Darwin do not adopt an identical to even similar viewpoint Darwin conceded more importance to race and family- Nietzsche was an individualist.

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Thus according to Nietzsche, “The strongest and highest will to life does not find expression in a miserable struggle for existence, but in will to war, a will to power, a will to overpower.”


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