Essay on the History of Physical Education

January 29, 2019 0 Comment

No other nation of the world has contributed so much to the world of poetry, art, drama, music, sculpture, oratory, mathematics, astrology, philosophy etc. as did Greece. We virtually owe to Greece love of art, love of science and love of freedom.

Greece consisted of numerous tiny states politically independent. Their interrelations were not very favourable and rivalry existed among each other. After consolidation only 20 states were found and prominent amongst them were Athens, Sparta, etc.

Athens and Sparta were antithetical to each other, so far as their political and social philosophies and ideologies are considered. Whereas Athens conferred full freedom on the individuals, Sparta emphasized subordination to the state.

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They were the first people to think of an Educational philosophy. For Greeks, education aimed at the development of individual’s personality. Greeks society is well known as a very dynamic and progressive society and changes in the Greek society were visible in the generations.


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