Ethical and Strategic View of Medical Advertising in India

December 13, 2018 0 Comment

0. P.D. camps, Individual sponsorships, Taxi-tours and special trade offers for dispensing doctors etc.

Furthermore the Key words of medical advertising are:

1. Simple guidelines to follow and objective oriented detailing talk proves to the best media for generating prescription of doctors.

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2. A creative product detailing with full emphasis on benefits of product help a marketer to catch the doctor’s attention to get brand registered.

3. Keeping doctors attention throughout the detailing story in important part in product promotion. A catching story of detailing backed by colourful idea maintains a constant attention of doctor for brand fixing in his mind.

4. A detailing story should be precise, clear and memorable to doctors so that he should recognize the products benefit.

5. An ultimate theme of product features should be catchy and closing sentence has sig­nificance as per advantages of the product at doctor’s level.


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