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Find out Pharmaceutical Marketing in India with Respect to Physical Distribution

0 Comments December 13, 2018

In this ABC analysis products are categorized as per their sales in descending order and inventory is maintained on that basis of the priority product. Manag­ing inventory level at a profitable level is one part; another equally important thing is about payment of receivables from stockists and C&F agent. Company usually operated on mini­mum inventory […]

9 Formats Used for the Preparation of Marketing Report for Pharmaceutical Marketing in India


Having decided to the format to be used in research report, the researcher has how to pre­pare the report outline in accordance with the format A typical outline based on the reporter logical format as follows:- 1) Title Page: The title page should indicate the topic on which the report has been prepared it the […]

What are the Alternative Channels for Smoothening of Pharmaceutical Product Distribution in India?


Also there is increasing trend in pharmaceutical industry to appoint C&F agent instead of super distributors. The basic reason is to minimize the cost of distribution by saving 4% C.S.T. (Central Excise Tax) which is not applicable to the sale while transferring goods from company’s warehouse to C&F agent and another reason is that company […]

Product Life Cycle and Market Life Cycle in Pharmaceutical Marketing in India


Growth phase involves actual sale of product and number of prescriptions should be in­creased. Here fear of competitors to enter and snatch the sale is more than that is not with introductory phase. To achieve maximum sale needs constant reminders to doctors and attractive gifts and arranging symposia, together helps to maintain top market position. […]

The Promotional Mix in Pharmaceutical Marketing with different Categories


2. Advertising 3. Sales promotion 4. Publicity. Company appointed medical representative shoulder the responsibility of personal selling in pharmaceutical marketing. He has to communicate the product to doctors with help of visual aid detailing and presenting literature, supportive studies and trials, samples, gifts etc. As advertising is concerned, pharmaceutical marketing is carried out through different […]

Classification of Wholesaler in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry


The various functions of super distributor in pharmaceutical marketing areas under: 1. Maintenance of Sufficient stock position as per market demand. 2. Maintenance of stock as per storage conditions as per protocol laid by drug authority of India 3. Resale of the company product to other appointed company stockists 4. Providing a database with respect […]

Critical Evaluation of Training and Induction of Medical Representative – Explained!


b. Therapeutic knowledge and product information is given to inculcate medical approach in it. c. Objection handling skills, situational detailing of product and selling skills are a major part of training skill development program, d. Developing interpersonal communication skills and competition analysis skills is an integral part of training program. Above all the most important […]

Trade Union Movement among the Medical Representative in Pharmaceutical Industry in India


And it was valid till year 1987, but F.M.R.A.I. (Federation of Medical Representative’s Association of India) and “C. I T.U. (Center for Indian Trade Union) joined their hand in the year 1991 to fight for their right”. F.M.R.A.I, also undertake bilateral industry level discussions as a attempt of field workers demands against attack on: i. […]

Importance of Retail Chemist in Pharmaceutical Marketing in India


So availability of the prescribed drug at retail level is a crucial factor for the company, So that prescription of the doctor should not get bounced or dishonoured or substituted by the Chemist for long-term. Beside this Chemist is a good source of market information related to prescription of our product and competitor’s product, competitor’s […]

Ethical and Strategic View of Medical Advertising in India


0. P.D. camps, Individual sponsorships, Taxi-tours and special trade offers for dispensing doctors etc. Furthermore the Key words of medical advertising are: 1. Simple guidelines to follow and objective oriented detailing talk proves to the best media for generating prescription of doctors. 2. A creative product detailing with full emphasis on benefits of product help […]