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Challenges Faced by Tourism Industry in Providing a Mutually Beneficial Scenario for Both Tourists and Local Businesses

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(i) Problems in the private sector (ii) Problems in the public sector Private Sector: Private sector plays an important role in providing facilities to the tourists. It has hotels/guest-houses in all major tourist centers and it is natural that all these wish to earn maximum profit. Obviously, in such a service-based sector only profit-orientation cannot […]

The Correlation Between Tourism and Different Types of Pollution


Garhwal hills the regular organisation of Himalayan Car Rallies has put a grave danger to an already fragile eco-system. In fact in 1989, people of Garhwal stood up against the onslaught of automobiles and blocked the Rally. Such instances are many that are not recorded properly nor any scientific study had been taken up to […]

Growth Opportunities in Tourism Based Careers and Businesses


Because tourism is so fragmented and each sector has Innumerable job opportunities, it is virtually impossible to list and describe all the jobs available in these fields. However, we have tried to give a broad outline of the avenues available for a person leaking a career in tourism. Airlines: The airlines are a major travel […]

4 Types of Holiday Accommodations Easily Available In India


1. Service including hotels, pensions, guest and boarding hoses. 2. Self-catering accommodation including camping, caravans, rented flats and houses. 3. Homes of friends and relatives where no payment is made for the use of accommodation. 4. Other accommodation including boats, youth hostels, etc. The UN Conference of International Travel and Tourism held in Rome in […]

The Reasons for Statistical Measurement in Tourism are as Follows


The Reasons for Statistical Measurement in Tourism are as Follows: 1. Statistics are required to evaluate the magnitude and significance of tourism to a tourist destination. Statistics quantify the role and contribution of tourism to the economy and to society and for a country also the part played by tourism in the balance of payments. […]

How to Run a Hotel Reception Desk for Better Customer Satisfaction


Check-In: The purpose of the reception desk is to receive guests and to welcome them to the hotel. The moment of arrival or check-in is the raison d’etre of the whole department. It is the duty of the receptionist to make a new guest feel at ease on arrival. The reception staff must be well […]

7 Responsibilities of a Good Hotel Receptionist


2. Completing the Hotel Register: The legal formality of registration must be fulfilled by the receptionist who sees that all customers supply the details required for record that may be inspected by the police from time to time- Useful marketing information may also be collected at this time. 3. Recording Reservations: The selling of rooms […]

Amenities and Facilities Often Offered in Modern Hotels


The hotel may provide service for reserving tickets for the theatre or making travel arrangements and provide sports facilities such as tennis court or swimming pool. Conference facilities may also be provided. All or some of these auxiliary facilities and the restaurants and bars may also be available to non-residents. The classic hotel organisation model […]

3 Types of Ownership-Management Relationship Acknowledged in Hotel Industries


(iii) Management contract. i. Proprietary Ownership: Proprietary ownership is the direct ownership of one or more properties by a person or company. Small motels are owned and operated by a couple or family is common examples of proprietary ownership. A chain is a group of hotels that are owned or managed by one company. In […]

Essay on the History and Evolutions of the Hospitality Industry in India


These monks, although living in their quiet retreats, away from towns and villages, were nevertheless mindful of the needs of travellers and pilgrims who found shelter and food at these monasteries. It is interesting to note that these monasteries are located on the ancient trade routes between important deities of the region. It is gathered […]