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Useful Notes on the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

0 Comments January 22, 2019

A large part of the funds of LIC is deployed as loans to assist the development of social overheads like housing, rural electrification, water supply and sewerage schemes. Besides normal investment operations by way of sale and purchase of securities in stock markets and investment in government securities, the corporation has been at titivating with […]

4 Main Causes of Poverty in India – Explained!


Together these resulted in slower growth in employment or wage-income for the masses and small growth in the availability of consumption goods. The progress in small and cottage industries was not sufficient to absorb the backlog of unemployment and the rising labour force. Other significant factor which prevented the poor from benefitting from growth has […]

Essay on the Revenue Budget of India


Income tax in India is classified into two broad categories: (a) Taxation of agricultural income and (b) Taxation of non-agricultural income. The Constitution empowers the Parliament to levy taxes on income other than agricultural income. Thus, taxation of non- agricultural income is a Central subject while taxation of agricultural income is a State subject. Under […]

Useful Notes on the Twelfth Finance Commission of India


Furthermore, the Commission was also asked to suggest corrective measures for debt sustainability and to review the Fiscal Reform Facility introduced by the Central Government. The Commission submitted its report on November 30, 2004 covering the period 2005-10. On February 2, 2005 Union Government accepted all recommendations of the 12th Finance Commission. The Commission recommended […]

Plans Made By Bharat Nirman for Building Infrastructure Especially In Rural India


(ii) Housing: Target of 60 lakh additional houses for the poor achieved (ill 2009. Target of 1.2 crore houses by 2014 adopted. (iii) Rural Telecom Connectivity: Achieve 40% rural teledensily by the year 2014, ensure broadband coverage to all 2.5 lakh Panchayats and set up Bharat Nirman Scva Kendras at Panchayat level by 2012. (iv) […]

The Importance of the Global Implementation on the Rights of Female Children


The low participation female children in primary education are one discriminatory heritage. The education must be given to children at age of 14. So from time of birth discrimination was faced by girl’s child. No doubt UN has adopted UNICEF for the welfare of children and convention of rights of child.

The Rights of a Child as Stated by the League of Nations Convention – Essay


As childhood is most sensitive period in life of every individual so special protection should given to children by their parents or guardian. As parents plays a vital role in child life and provide appropriate direction and guidance in the exercise of their rights. The concept of universal decorating of human rights provides minimum standard […]

Important Types of Natural Resources Produced in India

0 Comments January 21, 2019

The type of resources available, their quantities, their distribution within the different regions of a country determine, to a considerable extent, the type and scale of industries that can be developed. In the Third World countries where level of development is still very low, natural resources are of considerable importance. Most of these countries lack […]

Importance of the World Summit for Children and World Conference on Human Rights


It recognized and strengthened all the programme, mechanism for protection of children. The United Nation and mechanism of other organs of UN system gave more importance and priority to human rights. As there is convention on Rights of Child by 1995 and it make implementation of all obligations of convention. The conference urged rectification of […]

4 Socio-Cultural Programmes Designed for the Welfare and Development of Women in India


The Self Employed Women Association (SEWA) on development of women and children in rural areas group helped by them in respect of craft women show that these women have strengthened the self sufficiency, economic position, social status, increased their level of income. By engaging in different work like crafting, gum collector, these women more confident […]