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Some basic difference between British English and American English

0 Comments January 4, 2019

Autumn -Fall Flat -Apartment Queue -Line Curtain -Drape Lawyer -Attorney Curriculum vitae -Resume Lorry -Truck Dust bin -Garbage can Especially when we refer to communication in an inter-cultural context, it would be appropriate to bear in mind the differences between British English and American English. Several decades ago, Indian writing and Indian businesses were dominated […]

How to Write a Good Tender Proposal? (15 Points)


Tenders are invited by large organizations, especially governments and undertakings, for supply of items, construction of buildings, roads, maintenance activities and other such relatively high-value works. Tenders are invited to ensure competitive offers and transparent decision making. Since substantial monetary payments are associated with the process of inviting tenders and awarding contracts, every care has […]

How to Write a Good Order Letter? (8 Points)


An order is a direct request. An order is not an ‘order’ or a command. Hence, the statements need to be courteous and yet clear-cut. Specific areas to be covered while placing an order are as given below: 1. Order request: The following statements are generally used: ‘Please send us the following items’ ‘We are […]

Importance of Oral Communication via Telephone Conversation


In service organizations like banks, the emphasis nowadays has been on providing services at the doorstep of the customers, and reducing the need for visits to branches and offices. One important means of responding to customer enquiries is through telephones. Tele-banking and tele-contact services are now gaining popularity. Tele-marketing and making sales calls on the […]

What is the Importance of Business Communication?


Business organizations that underestimate the crucial role of communication do so at their peril. It is also well recognized that every communication is not necessarily effective. In real-life business situations, there are everyday instances of communication failure. The messages delivered are not what are intended. The messages understood are not what are conveyed. Messages often […]

How to Write Sales Letters To Your Customer?


They bring out the product differential. They focus on the unique selling proposition (USP). While avoiding an overdose of superlatives and tall claims, the sales letter should focus on the strength of the company and the merits of the offer. The business letter writer should have a good understanding of the essential features of product […]

What do you Understand by Quotations?


Purchases are substantial and the purchaser is interested in getting competitive offers, quotations are called for. Based on their experience and enquiries, the probable suppliers are identified or shortlisted and thereafter, their quotations would be sought. Thus quotations have two phases. The first part is when the buyer calls for quotations from the seller. The […]

Physical and People Related Barriers in Business Communications


1. Physical Barriers: Physical barriers would include low audibility level, extraneous noises and sounds, malfunctioning of the microphone and other mechanical devices and frequent interruptions. Some examples where listening fails to be effective due to physical factors are as follows: 1. The microphone or loudspeaker is defective 2. There are other voices and noises that […]

12 Important Types of Communication That Will Develop Your Business at a Rapid Speed


Apart from the different methods and channels of communication, one can also look at various types of communication. Communication can be categorized into different types depending upon the level at which it takes place, the direction it takes or by its very nature. Some of the commonly referred to types of communication are: The relevance […]

Dos and Don’ts of Cross-Cultural Communication- Discussed


The literature brought out by the trade and export federations, embassies and channels like Discovery and Travel & Living regularly feature programs that provide valuable insights into the physical and cultural aspects of various countries across the globe. These apart, there are people who have already visited those countries or interacted with those people and […]


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