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The Story of Some Frequently Used Words in English Academy

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Affiliate: This word is used in the context of institutions being linked with each other from the point of view of their management or financial resources. A college, for example, can be affiliated to a university or a small business organization can be affiliated to a much larger business organization. This technical term of business […]

Domestic Wastes and Sewage is the most Common Sources of Pollution in India


(b) stimulation of algae growth and also a shift in the algal flora to the blue-green algae, leading to production of obnoxious blooms, floating scums or blankets of algae, etc. Most of the bloom-forming cyanophytes seem not to be utilized as food by invertebrates or zooplankton; thus predatory control becomes minimized. Decomposition of such algal […]

How Fertilizers and Detergents Pollutes the Ecosystem?


Modern agricultural practices require the use of large amounts of fertiliz­ers and other soil additives. Some of these are washed off the lands through irrigation, rainfall and drainage, into rivers and streams where they can seriously disturb the aquatic ecosystem. Depletion of dissolved oxygen caused by excessive algal growths can spell disaster or death to […]

9 Most Important Types of Semantic Changes in “English”


It should be clearly borne in mind, however, that whenever someone describes a highly complex phenomenon like historical changes in the meanings of words in terms of a neat classification, the description tends to be an act of oversimplification and the classes in terms of which the description is made tend not to be mutually […]

Useful Notes on the English Grammatical Features in Twentieth Century


Ten kilometres is not a long distance. Rice and fish is his favourite dish. The survey conducted by Quirk and his team, published in the form of their famous book of grammar, makes it evident, however, that native speakers of English during the twentieth century started using certain rules of proximity concord in addition to […]

3 Main Groups Dialects from Which Medieval Age English can be Studied


(ii) The Midland group of dialects was in use in the area demarcated by the river Humber in the north and the river Thames in the south. This extensive group of dialects is further sub-divided into four dialects known as the north Midland dialect, the south Midland dialect, the east Midland dialect and the west […]

Why the East Midland Dialect became the most influential of all the Midland Dialects during the Middle English Period?


(i) The northern group of dialects and the southern group of dialects represented the two extreme ends of the spectrum of divergence in Middle English. The east Midland dialect was the medial point of that spectrum of divergence. It was a compromise between the two extremes and was therefore acceptable and easily intelligible to people […]

Essay on the Origin of Indo-European Languages


During the last few decades the trend of opinion has moved in favour of central or Eastern Europe being the original homeland of this language. Some scholars seem to be of the view that this homeland was somewhere near Scandinavia and the adjacent part of northern and central Germany. Most philologists seem to be of […]

Important Ecological Works That Are Taking Place in Developing Countries


The industrially advanced and highly affluent countries such as USA, Japan, West Germany, UK, etc., are facing diverse environmental problems arising chiefly from industrialisation, urbanization, over-production and over- consumption policies. In these countries in general nutritious food is produced in abundance, the health services and medical facilities are highly satisfacto­ry, people can buy good clothes […]

Essay on Desertification (620 Words)


More recent studies have questioned the methodology used to derive the statistics used to quantify the rate of desert expansion (Young and Solbrig, 1992). Though land degradation resulting from removal of the vegetation cover is a serious problem through­out the world’s savannas, reliable statistics on the extent of land degradation are lacking. Loss of biodiversity […]