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Role of Communication in an Business Organization

0 Comments January 4, 2019

Such well drawn up policy documents ensure clarity and effectiveness in the matter of giving out information and having interactions with the media and the public. As we have noted earlier, the cardinal principles of communication cover adequacy, transparency and consistency. Communication policy may also include ‘Disclosure Policy’. The policy guidelines will have to cover […]

What is the Importance of Seminars, Workshops and Symposia?


Seminars relate to any meeting set up for the discussion of one or more topics of interest to groups of persons. Seminars may cover small or big groups and may be held in classrooms or meeting halls or larger auditoria. They may be organized by institutes of learning or business organizations or chambers of commerce […]

The Significance of Language in Ensuring Effective Communication


Languages are of different kinds: spoken language, written language, body language, code language, sign language, Braille or language of the visually challenged and the more recent ones being machine language and computer language. Many languages have a long history. The Greek, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Indians are among those whose languages […]

The Importance of the Art of Communication to the Human Being


That is why communication is not unique to human beings. Communication encompasses all living beings and pervades the animal world as well. Birds and animals also communicate. The sounds they make carry meaning. The chirping of the birds, the roaring of the lions, the hissing of the snakes and the whining of the dogs are […]

What are the Needs for Negotiation in Business Organizations?


1. Purchase order 2. Labour contracts 3. Export deal 4. Land acquisition 5. Job offer 6. Salary increase 7. Foreign assignment 8. Bank loan 9. Capital budget 10. Merger and acquisition Such negotiations may range from very simple ones to the very complicated. It may be at the level of the department, a business organization, […]

What are the Aims of Education According to Realism?

0 Comments January 3, 2019

Education should provide to the pupil and insight with the help of which he may make sensible choices and decisions in order to lead a successful and pleasurable life. Realism wants that the natural tendencies and activities of the child should not be repressed and that the child should be helped to develop up to […]

Essay on the Philosophy of “Realism”


Realism believes that mind has originated in the course of evolution as anything else in the world. It is as much or less real as any other thing in the universe. Realism cannot accept anything unless it can be tested by observation and experiment. It stands for a scientific outlook of life. Hence it denies […]

What do you understand by Idealism in Education?


The self-expressed interest of the pupil is to be encouraged and helped to grow into full maturity, because it is through such a development of self-initiated interest that the self will acquire a transcendental insight and transcendental power. Idealism views the problem of discipline from this angle. Hence discipline does not imply imposing anything upon […]

What is The Importance of Idealism in Philosophy?


To idealism, the human personality is the union of ideas and purposes, and it is the ultimate reality. Knowledge, art, morality, and religion are such aspects of life which are of supreme importance. It is the mind, die ultimate being which explains all these things. Idealism regards self-determination as the essence of true being. Our […]

What is the Contend of Education According to Naturalism?


For his sense discrimination, measuring distances, counting and weighing things, singing and drawing objects would be encouraged. For stimulating free expression of ideas the speech and drawing will be considered as the chief means. For the development of sense perception and practical judgment, agriculture and carpentry will be introduced; arithmetic and geometry will be taught […]