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Why every child should be allowed to develop his own religion?

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Naturalism stands for the democratic doctrine of ‘equality, liberty and fraternity’, and consequently it has greedy furthered the advance of universality and democracy in education. Naturalism has emphasized the need of physical education and health training, but the process it has recommended is a negative one. Rousseau speaks of many good health rules, though they […]

12 Main Factors That Influence the Socialization Process of a Child


1. Family: The family plays a very important role in the socialization of the child. In the beginning, the parents are the family for the child, because he depends on them for various things. After the parents mention may be made of sisters, brothers, uncle, aunt, grand­parents, and servants etc. The child learns many things […]

7 Most Important Arguments Against Religious Education in School


2. Sermons are particularly emphasized in religious education. The behaviors of children in schools may be quite opposite to these. In fact, for improvement of their character, desirable environment is more necessary than religious sermons. 3. Investigations have revealed that there may not be -any correlation between knowledge and behavior. In religion education, ‘knowledge’ rather […]

What are the Educational Duties of the State?


But the question arises as to what should be the nature of a national educational system. What should be the special characteristics of this national system? Generally, in a national system of education the interests of all the sections of the people are ensuring. In this system every child, adult and old person is given […]

What is the Meaning of Religion?


“Therefore it means that which binds human beings to each other in the bond of love, sympathy and mutual rights and duties.” According to Christianity religion binds human beings in the bond of love and sympathy. From the Hindi viewpoint, the term ‘religion’ is much more comprehensive and all-inclusive. In fact, the English word “religion” […]

9 Important Points for Establishing A Close Relationship between the Society and the School


The school is fulfilling only some sensual functions of the society. Therefore the society and its various units must always be prepared to help the school whenever necessary. The parents must never doubt the sincerity of the school and they must never interfere in its activities. They should provide all that the school demands for […]

3 Most Important Functions of Culture


Let us understand how culture contributes towards the satisfaction of human needs, in other words, we shall understand the functions of culture. 1. It is through the help of culture that man succeeds in adjusting himself in his environment in the formation of culture, the geographical condition of the place has its inevitable impact. It […]

What are the Nature and Meaning of Culture?


Some think that the one who knows many languages is very much cultures. According to some a cultured person is he who spends his leisure hours in a luxurious manner. For some others a cultured man is he who is deeply rooted in the sphere of art, literature and music. Thus we find a great […]

Curriculum Content for Inter-Group Understanding – Described


At the same time, they should also be acquainted with the principal industries and economic system of their people. The students should be duly encouraged to understand the problem of equality of the various groups in the country. The problem should be well discussed in the classroom also in order to remove any misconception from […]

Importance of Removing “Ethnocentrism” from the Minds of Children


Some eat food materials after cooking them and some like to eat them raw. Because of cultural variations, some want to impose their ideas on others. War is started when they do not succeed in this misconceived desire. Thus variations in culture may lead to tension, misunderstanding and enmity, because the followers of one culture […]


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