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5 Important Core Concepts of Pharmaceutical Marketing in India

0 Comments December 14, 2018

Or Drug is a substance useful to prevent, cure, or diagnose the disease. C. Meaning and Definition of Medicine: “Medicine is a combination of drug or active ingredients along with diluents, solvent, addi­tives, binders, lubricants, preservatives, and flavors in a suitable dosage form for conve­nience and comfort for a patient”. D. Meaning and Definition of […]

Pharmaceutical Brand Management in India (4 Case Studies)


In addition to marketing, an increasing number of pharma play­ers have also begun leveraging these platforms to enhance consumer relationships and im­prove brand management, based on the market intelligence generated by monitoring and analyzing user-generated content. The ability to incorporate consumer feedback to develop new products is also expected to initiate a strategic shift in […]

How Mergers and Acquisitions is Important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?


These deals are appealing to smaller biotechnology firms lacking cash for marketing cam­paigns. The drug industry is relying on genomics, the latest scientific revolution. Genomics refers to the efforts to exploit all of the scientific information flowing into gene databases around the world. Every big pharmaceutical company has genomics expertise, but some compa­nies, such as […]

6 Important Steps of Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Process (India)


2. Why is to be researched (the content the scope) Working backwards from the decisions can be a good way of defining problems because the purpose of research is to generate meaningful in information which will help in taking effective decisions. The end produce of this exercise has to be clear definition of the problem […]

Impact of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade on Pharmaceutical Marketing in India


“The 8th round of multi-lateral trade negotiations popularly known as Uruguay round (since it was launched at Punta Del Este in Uruguay)” was started in September 1986 at a special session of GATT contracting parties held at ministerial level. World trade has undergone a structural change during the four decades since the establishment of GATT […]

Important Stages of Evolution of Indian Pharmaceutical Market


Stages of evolution of Indian pharmaceutical market: Stage I Monopolistic PhaseStage III Multi-brand Phase CompetitionStage II Emerging Market PhaseStage IV Commoditisation High Entry Barrier Low Fig No. 1.1 depicts about the stages of evolution of Indian pharmaceutical industry. The stage 1 involves monopolistic phase when few companies were present in the market that had in […]

Emerging Challenge and Reasons for Strengthening of Trade Unionism amongst Chemist and Druggist in India


Recent examples are of conflicts between Johnson and Johnson Ltd about trade margin that was far below the expected margin where chemists has banned the company at their retail level. Because of this Johnson and Johnson got a major setback in the market and finally came forward to settle this issue. In Maharashtra many trade […]

3 Main Examples of Pharmaceutical Mergers in India


In the short-run, the company needs to deal with a weak drug pipeline and the challenge of combining one-hundred thousand em­ployees into one operation. In the long-run, the new company is going to have to strive to benefit from its new size, rather than falling under its weight 4.GlaxoSmithKline, as the new company is called, […]

Pharmaceutical Marketing in India with Respect to Promotion – Explained!


In today’s pharmaceutical marketing scenario companies are adapting ‘me too’ strategies with the product that results in high noise level. In such situation, company wants to create its own identity via competitive and innovative strategies to promote their product and capture the market. Pharmaceutical marketing is mainly based on personal communication than non-personal communication like […]

12 Most Unique Facts Related to Indian Pharmaceutical Industry


2. MNC’s will make an aggressive bid for the Indian market as India moves towards TRIPS and international companies register their new drugs for patenting after 10 years. 3. Smaller companies which has so far benefited from the protective regime, may be forced to become contracting units, or close shop. 4. With needs from developing […]


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