Importance of Retail Chemist in Pharmaceutical Marketing in India

December 13, 2018 0 Comment

So availability of the prescribed drug at retail level is a crucial factor for the company, So that prescription of the doctor should not get bounced or dishonoured or substituted by the Chemist for long-term.

Beside this Chemist is a good source of market information related to prescription of our product and competitor’s product, competitor’s move, stock position analysis etc. This in­formation is necessary to define certain strategies at Chemist levels.

Chemist that has a good O.T.C. (Over The Counter ) product sale can help the company’s product portfolio to increase the sale for O.T.C. As well as the prescription based but with O.T.C. profile.

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Now a day many Chemists realized the need of social responsibility as-to give a quality service to educate the patient in the form of consulting him related to dosage schedule, precautions to avoid side effects etc.


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