Short Essay on High Level of Noise Pollution In India

December 26, 2018 0 Comment

This state of affairs contrasts with those in countries such as USA, UK, Switzerland, and France where loudspeakers are banned and traffic noise is highly regulated. In Japan, no flights are permitted to land or take off during night hours.

Exposure to high levels of noise can produce adverse auditory effects besides general stress.

Noise levels are expressed on a logarithmic scale of decibels. The most commonly used unit is the A-weighted decibel, dB (A). The baseline noise levels in the community vary around 40 dB (A). International standards prescribe a maximum of 50 dB (A) for day and 40 dB (A) for night time in any residential area.

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Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are the noisiest cities in the world (Mukherji et al., 1980). In these the minimum recorded noise levels are over 60 dB (A) with the maximum averaging around 90 dB (A).


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