Short Essay on Mukesh Ambani

January 20, 2019 0 Comment

The feud of the Ambani brothers has been making headlines and at stake is the full exploitation of vast oil and natural gas discoveries of the country on the East Coast. The two brothers have diversified into almost every economic activity and contribute a significant portion of the country’s total GDP.

Mukesh Ambani is rated as amongst the 10 richest persons in the world, he controls largest green field oil refineries in the world with capacity of almost 60 million tons annually at Jamnagar.

He is also bidding for the Ultra Mega Super Thermal Power Plants in various parts of the country including one at Sasan. Mukesh had a one to one meeting with Mr. Haloyama when the latter visited India in Dec 2009. Feud between the two brothers has reached the Supreme Court. He was criticised by The Shivsena for his remarks that Mumbai belongs to all Indians.

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