Short Essay on the Committee Made For Protecting the Rights of a Child

January 21, 2019 0 Comment

The Committee has drafted reports for recommendation of state parties concerned. After every two years, the committee submits its reports to UN General Assembly, which adopts resolution relating to activities.

The United Nation and its specialized agencies like UNICEF and other UN organs, national and international non-governmental organization are representing at meeting of committee. They undertake special studies on special issue like children rights and make comment on various covered by convention.

The committee convenes the meeting with UNICEF and work for welfare of children. This meeting helps creating fruitful dialogues with central and their authorities for protection of human rights. It makes welfare of all the children in all the circumstances.

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The Committee has right relating to making implementation of all the obligation in convention of Rights of Child and committee elects its Chairperson, 3 Vice-chairpersons and it terms is every two years.


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