Short Essay on the Consequences of Forest Destruction

December 24, 2018 0 Comment

Destruction of forest changes the above situation immediately. The hydrological cycle is disrupted and the water level of the rivers cannot be properly regulated. This causes flooding. In dry periods, the rivers tend to dry up, affecting irrigation and power generation.

In deforested areas, erosion of soil occurs fairly briskly, especially on steep slopes. This removes the fertile top soil and also loads the rivers with much suspended matter. Deforestation thus greatly increases the quantity of detritus in many tropical rivers. This detritus causes premature filling up of water reservoirs, etc.

Large-scale forest destruction often produces grave climatic consequenc­es, especially desertification and aridity. These result from reduction of evaporation as the tree canopies (cut and removed) no longer intercept rain water, and also because rapid run-off of precipitation occurs in the absence of the forest cover.

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