Short Essay on the Impacts of Buddhism in India

December 31, 2018 0 Comment

Ashok, Kanishka and Harshvardhan embraced Buddhism and immensely contributed to its growth and expansion due to these kings Buddhism remained as a State religion in India for long.

It will not be an exaggerator to say that it is from Buddhism that the ideals of service to the people, compassionate viewpoint to all and Moksha (salvation) have come into the Vaishanav religion (Brahmanism)

Impact of Buddhism may be clearly seen on the Sophists. In the Christian religion the concept of Joseph of the Greek and Roman Church appears to be compatible with Buddhism. The countries where Islam was spread were originally centers of Buddhism.

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Therefore the impact of Buddhism was but natural on the followers of Islam. In fact, it is a truism to remark that even today Buddhism is found as a world religion, because even now its followers are in crores. The place of Buddhism is certain in the future world, no matter whatever other religion is propounded.


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