What are the Different Types of “Vritti” (Yoga Philosophy)

December 30, 2018 0 Comment

3. Vikalp-Vritti

4. Nidra-Vritti

5. Smriti- Vritti

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We shall understand all these five as follows:—

1. Praman-Vritti:

Praman is the measurement through which we attain true knowledge.

2. Viprayaya-Vritti:

It is false knowledge. It does not give the true picture of a situation.

3. Vikalpa-Vritti:

Vikalpa is that knowledge which is dependent on words in the absence of the object itself. Vikalpa is an element of thinking. Whatever knowledge is available in books is of the Vikalpa type.

4. Nidra-Vritti:

In a Nidra (dream) the object which is not present appears to be present.

5. Smriti-Vritti:

Not losing the experienced subject is Smriti (memory).


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