What Consequence Will Follow For Not Filing Written Statement in Civil Suits Within Time in India?

January 13, 2019 0 Comment

Where a document or a copy thereof is not filed with the written-statement under this rule, it shall not be allowed to be received in evidence on behalf of the defendant at the hearing of the suit. [O. VIII R. (1A) (3)].

Nothing in this rule shall apply to documents—(a) produced for the cross-examination of the plaintiff’s witnesses, or (b) handed over to a witness merely to refresh his memory. [O. VIII R. 1-A (4)].

Where any party fails to present written statement called for by court within the time permitted or fixed by the Court, as the case may be, the Court shall pronounce judgment against him or make such order in relation to the suit as it thinks fit and on the pronouncement of such judgment a decree shall be drawn up. (O. VIII, R. 10).

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