What was the Recommendation of N.K. Singh Committee Regarding FDI?

December 17, 2018 0 Comment

(iii) Permit upto 100% FDI in petroleum refining, oil marketing, mining, petroleum exploration, airports, banking and investment companies, and radio paging and advertising.

(iv) Allow upto 49% investment in insurance and airlines (including FDI by foreign airlines) and upto 74% in telecom sector (both basic and mobile)

(v) Put all proposals except plantation and housing on automatic routs.

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(vi) Cap foreign investment at 49% for plantations and allow 100% FDI in real estate (housing)

(vii) The Special Economic Zones (SEZs) should be developed by simplifying applicable laws and administrative procedures

(viii) A number of exit barriers to FDI investors such as sale of shares by one foreigner to another, sale from non-resident to resident etc, should be removed.

(ix) States should enact a special investment law relating to infrastructure to expedite all investments in the infrastructure sector.


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